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Coronavirus Diary Day WTFK: January 4, 2022

Literally Everyone Has Covid, The Sun is Not Your Friend, and BTW Happy New Year Welp, it’s 2022. And COVID-19 is still a thing. In case you don’t remember, the “19” is short for 2019. So, yeah. Anyways, Happy New Year, my friends! You know what? It’s not that bad. After all, we’ve had nearly 2 years to adjust to our current situation. We all have stashes of masks (cloth, medical, washed, unwashed, borrowed, found, and otherwise) in our junk drawers, glove compartments, purse bottoms, and coat pockets. We’re proficient in all the various forms of virtual communication, meetings, and lovemaking. Social distancing has become an excellent excuse for not seeing people. And oh yeah, most of us are vaccinated. The Delta Variant has a bad reputation, but babes, it’s got nothing on this mother fucking Omicron. I mean, if you’re vaccinated, Omicron doesn’t seem so scary (at least, not right now), but gotdam, it sure does get around! Literally, everyone ** has Covid. If th

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