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Coronavirus Diary Day WTFK: November 22, 2021

Austria Locks Down, Germany Locks Down, and My Crystal Ball Says… You guys, Austria is locked the fuck down. I am not kidding. Their powers-that-be announced on Friday that both vaccinated and unvaccinated citizens had three days to prepare their abodes, because by Monday, every living human would be homebound for 20 days. Germany just put severe restrictions into place, as well, including a full lockdown for the unvaccinated. Both of these countries are roughly 67% vaccinated, so I guess that’s a problem. Here in America, we’re living the good life. Some cities (like my hometown Philadelphia) still require indoor masking. Many venues require proof of vaccination and/or negative test results within the last few days. But, by and large, we can get around without a ton of restrictions. I split my time between the Philly suburbs and our mountain house in Upstate New York. I haven’t worn a mask since I donated blood three Fridays ago. Come to think of it, this is probably the lon

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