5 Best Things To Do in Paris Instead of Writing Your Novel

Wait for it, people.  Before I reveal the 5 Best Things To Do in Paris Instead of Writing Your Novel, there is one burning question I must address.  “Dîtes-moi,” you say, “How was the Solar Eclipse?”

::::: insert crickets chirping here :::::

The Arc de Triomphe in the Thick of the Solar Eclipse and The Eiffel Tower in the Thick of Paris Pollution / March 20, 2015 at 10:29 AM

Moving on:

- Visit the Maison de Victor Hugo at the Place des Vosges (He was a writer after all).

- Carry your laptop around the Palais Royal on the most beautiful day of Spring until you find an empty bench (I dare you).

- Throw a late-night soiree during which you’ll only serve wine and dessert and the last guest will leave at 3:30 AM (giving you the perfect excuse to sleep until 3:30 PM the next day).

- Get your makeup did at Bobbi Brown where you will be forced to sit in a chair with your eyes closed for three hours (while imagining your head shot on the back cover of your novel).

- Watch March Madness in The Great Canadian because dammit you’re American (!!!).

And yes, I did those things between my last blog post and this one.  The good news is, Paris Pollution didn’t go to my head (although public transportation was free for several days), and I somehow managed to spend time at my keyboard ( i n v e r y s l o w m o t i o n ).  I’m delighted to report I haven’t received any rejection letters this week, and my novel has grown to 7300 words, (and my use of parentheses is at an all time high).

That's it.  I need more bath towels.  I'm taking the Metro to the BHV.


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