Coronavirus Diary Day 12: March 24, 2020

Instagram Live is Fire Right Now

Here are the virtual people who’ve been helping me pass these dark days. Do yourself a favor, and follow them too. You’ll get notified when they go live, and a few minutes later, you will be smiling, laughing, and shaking your booty.

Mark Kanemura
Dance parties at 5 pm EST. Wear your superhero costumes. Bring your energy.

Ryan Heffington
Dance parties at like Noon or 1:00 EST, I’m not sure, but they are very fun with some great stretching at the start.

Miley Cyrus
At the beginning of lock-downs, our girl Miley started the Bright Minded talk show from her house. It airs live every day at 2:30 ET. Some days, it’s meh. But other days, it’s killer good. Occasionally, she offers meditation and yoga content. Worth a try, because you don’t have anything better to do.

Phil Fit
Bachelor Nation fans, Phil is part of The Quarantine Crew. He’s self-isolating with Hannah B and Tyler C, as well as some other relative unknowns. While it’s fun to watch the antics in the house, I personally tune in for Phil’s live daily workouts. Let’s be honest, I don’t have the aerobic capacity to keep up with 10 twenty-somethings. But I do the best I can, and Tyler’s abs are… well, they’re Tyler’s abs.

I’ll add more Instagram Live suggestions as I find them. Right now, my legs hurt.

What’s happening in the world? Coronavirus, of course. Here in the USA, New York is getting slammed. The number of confirmed cases doubles every few days. As of this morning, New York State had 25,655 cases and 210 deaths. New York City had nearly 15,000 of those cases. It’s the concrete jungle where dreams are made of. Good luck, New Yorkers.

And good luck, World! Let’s get through this one day at a time… on Instagram Live!


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