Coronavirus Diary Day 15: March 27, 2020

Overnight, France recorded 229 new Coronavirus deaths, bringing their total fatalities to 1,995. A 16-year-old girl with no underlying conditions was among them. The government has now extended their lockdown by an additional 2 weeks, or April 15 at the earliest. Here in America, Trump is predicting we’ll be back in business by Easter Sunday, or April 12. These dates seem rather hopeful, but I guess a little false promise never killed anybody. I mean, has it?

Today, the US House of Representatives passed a $2-trillion Coronavirus relief bill, which was later signed by President Trump. It includes checks for most Americans, better unemployment aid, and help for small businesses. It also includes available loans for large corporations. And a bunch of other shit I don’t understand.

Also today, the French government has officially sanctioned the use of chloroquine to treat Coronavirus patients. Remember, it was a French doctor who originally identified it as a possible therapy. So, at some point soon, we should have good data about whether or not it works. I have experience with French doctors - My kid fought cancer while we lived in Paris – and I believe in them. They are fucking smart, man. Really fucking smart.

Also today, the Prime Minister of the UK, Boris Johnson announced that he has Coronavirus. Is no one safe?

Anyway, let’s discuss the current state of meme culture. I don’t remember seeing memes this funny since the last presidential election. Most of them have to do with being quarantined while homeschooling kids, video conferencing, and day drinking. I’ll admit, it keeps me entertained. I’m also proud to say I personally am not practicing any of those 3 things. My kid schools himself, I don’t have a job, and I don’t drink until dinnertime. So, I got that going for me.

I’m thinking of breaking out my sewing machine. The dog looks like he could use a bandana.

Enjoy your Friday, everybody. May all your Happy Hours be... virtual.

It's Springtime!


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