Coronavirus Diary Day 18: March 30, 2020

We Are Entertained by Our Screens

What are you doing to stay entertained during the 2020 Coronavirus Lockdown? Like much of the world, my entertainment comes from screens. Roku, iPhone, and Kindle are my screens of choice, but there are certainly others. Ryan is using X-Box and Nintendo Switch to frightening levels.

Last night, iHeart Radio presented the Living Room Concert for America, where famous artists recorded themselves in their isolation so that regular folks like us could use our screens to watch rich people sing from their mansions. It was OK. I could have done without the crying nurse, but that’s me.

Meanwhile, Netflix. Everyone – literally everyone – is watching Tiger King. Yep, The Hubs and I are included in the everyone I mention. This is gonna be the thing we talk about 20 years from now. When we tell our grandchildren stories of the lockdown, we’ll think of Tiger King and smile a little smile.

I’m proud to say that after 2 weeks of isolation, I still fit into my jeans. I’ve been using my laptop to watch free YouTube exercise videos. It feels good to move my body, especially on rainy days. Really, working out has been one of my lifesavers, both physically and mentally.

Anyway, my family is healthy, and I’m grateful for that. I hope your family is healthy too.

The Decline of Dinner (Mondays):
Salmon with ginger and sea salt
Frozen green beans
Spicy rice (leftover from Sunday)
Jean Montbray Vouvray (France)


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