Coronavirus Diary Day 6: March 18, 2020

Philly Police Suspend Arrests, Montco is Rife with Coronavirus, Live Streamed Everything is a Thing

First, here’s an update on Dad. According to Mom, who now admits to feeling a little “grippy” herself (she really said “grippy”), Dad feels the same as yesterday. He doesn’t have a fever. He enjoyed his Saint Patrick’s Day. And also, she makes the best corned beef and cabbage on the planet, better than mine, better than anybody’s (she really said that, too). They have succumbed to the social distancing recommendations and claim they will not leave the house for any reason. So, they’re adults.

Philadelphia Police are delaying arrests for many non-violent crimes. These include petty theft, burglary, marijuana possession, other narcotics activity, vandalism, and get this, prostitution. Instead of arrests, offenders will be issued tickets. Warrants will come when the COVID-19 outbreak is under control. If you don’t live in Philly, I will not entertain your opinions about this. Personally, I don’t have an opinion either way, so carry on, prostitutes!

I would like to applaud the Philly School District, though, for telling their teachers to halt remote instruction for equity concerns. I’ve been saying this to my dog for the past two weeks. First of all, I mean, how can you take online courses if you don’t have a computer and/or Internet access, and you can’t go to the library or your school computer lab, because everything is closed? I say, end the school year. End the school year now. Let all the parents and children and teachers deal with Coronavirus, first and foremost. Take care of your family, your health, your mental wellbeing, your body, all of that. Fuck school. (I never thought I’d say that, but for real, when is the last time you used Algebra?) It’s just not that important right now. Next year, give families a choice to send their children to the next grade level or to hold them back. My dog, by the way, seems to agree.

There are 152 confirmed cases of Coronavirus in Pennsylvania (1 death), a 38% jump overnight. Of these, 42 are in Montgomery County, and of these, 2 are under the age of 3. I’m only telling you this because I live here. I don’t think we’re unique, though. This shit show is playing out everywhere, and it’s coming to a local news station near you.

According to Johns Hopkins:

Worldwide Confirmed Cases = 214,894
Italy = 35,713
USA = 7,769

Total Deaths = 8,732

Now for the fun stuff. Humanity has gotten quite crafty during this global lock-down. It started with Instagram posts of Italians singing from their balconies, and morphed into all kinds of displays of solidarity, appreciation, and empathy. We’re stuck in our houses. Recognizing that, rock stars are giving us free concerts on YouTube Live. Miley Cyrus harnessed the power of IGTV to teach me meditation techniques today (Thanks for that, Miley). Tomorrow, I’m live streaming a 45-minute quarantine workout class - with my friends - for free:

Ryan has been Skyping with his old schoolmates in Paris. Let me tell you something, that has given him so much perspective. Do you want your kids to really understand a quarantine? Buy them some friends in Europe.

Technology is saving our asses, people. (Well, if you have access to a computer and the Internet).

But also, weather. In a few days, it’s officially Spring. Today, Ryan and I took the dog for a walk in Valley Forge Park. This is something I’ve done religiously for a long time, but to have Ryan with me is a real treat! All the people are outside, pushing their kids in strollers, walking their dogs, exercising and enjoying fresh air, all the while keeping a very respectful distance from one another. The smiles are contagious. I have never waved at so many strangers while walking outdoors. I really hope this is one thing that sticks, when all of this is over.

Most of us are truly good people. I know there are a few prostitutes criminals among us, but according to Philadelphia, even they deserve to find joy in the Coronavirus.

Stay healthy, friends!


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