Coronavirus Diary Day 19: March 31, 2020

We’re All Chefs and Our Dishwashers Run Constantly

I have always thought of the grocery store as my personal refrigerator and pantry. When I want to prepare a meal, I go to Wegmans and get what I need. I make trips to the grocery store at least 3-4 times per week, oftentimes more.

I’ve needed to change my shopping routines over these past few weeks. It’s so dang stressful going out, and also dangerous, so I’m limiting my trips to once per week. For this next round, I’m attempting once every 10 days.

I ventured to Wegmans in King of Prussia this morning. Normally, I adore that place. But these days, it’s absolutely terrifying. While doing my best to social distance (I mean, really?), I spent an hour filling my cart to the brim. Among other things, I purchased 2.5 pounds of ground beef, 2.5 pounds of chicken breasts, 1 pound of salmon, 2.5 pounds of pork shoulder, 2 pounds of turkey, and 3 price-reduced New York strip steaks. I also bought 18 eggs and 2 packages of heartburn medication. Oh, and 2 double bottles of Pinot Grigio.

Later today, I need to go through all those packages of meat, separate them into smaller portions, bag them, and make room in my freezer. Then, I need to separate the wine into smaller portions, obviously.

I cook meals every night. I also prepare lunches daily. Occasionally, I make breakfast. The dishwasher runs constantly. I know this is happening in every household around the world right now. Well, I mean, the households that can afford to stock up on nice food items like I can. A lot of people can’t. And for those who are out there volunteering to package food and distribute it to others less fortunate, you are amazingly good people. I’m not doing anything to help. What does that say about me? Honestly, I wonder.

(PS - I’m learning to sew masks.)

Anyway, I’m so curious about what all of you are cooking. Like, what’s in your meal rotation?

Here’s a few meals that make regular appearances during quarantine chez moi:
Spicy chicken and rice with corn
BBQ pulled pork with cole slaw
Meatballs and spaghetti with salad
Salmon and asparagus
Breaded pork and carrots
Steak and potatoes
Chicken marsala with green beans and pasta

I’m trying to use fresh vegetables whenever possible. Now that I plan to hit the grocery store only once every 10 days, though, I’ve purchased frozen veggies, too.

Merde! I cannot even believe I am spending this much energy discussing my nightly meals and grocery shopping strategies. What. The. Actual. Fuck.

OK, friends, I’m sorry to do this to you, but it’s time for numbers. As always, feel free to peace out here. I won’t be offended. The last time I reported numbers was March 25 (6 days ago). Where I can, I will provide a comparison of numbers from today to 6 days ago, below:

Worldwide COVID-19 Confirmed Cases: 855,139 (6 days ago, it was 461,688.)
Worldwide Deaths: 42,044 (6 days ago, it was 20,850.)

USA Cases: 186,046 (6 days ago, it was 64,107.)
USA Deaths: 3,807 (6 days ago, it was 893. Also, it’s 666 new deaths overnight.)

New York State Cases: 75,000+ (6 days ago, it was 30,811.)
New York State Deaths: 1,550 (6 days ago, it was 932.)

Pennsylvania Cases: 4,843 (6 days ago, it was 1,127.)
Pennsylvania Deaths: 63

Philadelphia Cases: 1,300+ (6 days ago, it was 342.)
Philadelphia Deaths: 14

Italy Cases: 105,792
Italy Deaths: 12,428

Spain Cases: 95,923
Spain Deaths: 8,464

France Cases: 52,128
France Deaths: 3,523

Yesterday morning, Dr. Fauci predicted we could see 100,000 to 200,000 deaths in America from COVID-19. That number is completely insane. Also, I believe him. Also, I adore him.

For the record, I wore jeans again today, and they still fit.


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