Coronavirus Diary Day 21: April 2, 2020

Worldwide Confirmed Cases Reach 1,000,000+ and I Wore Makeup Today

Legit, I wore a full face of makeup today. And yanno what? It felt good.

Let’s talk about some of the shit happening in my neck of the woods, shall we? Most importantly, PA liquor stores reopened their online shopping, albeit a slow and difficult process. But the point is, tequila.

Here are today’s headlines on Philly Voice:

-       HBO to offer free streaming of 500 hours of TV shows, movies during COVID-19 pandemic
-       New Jersey ‘knuckleheads’ who assault police while violating stay-at-home order will face harsh penalties
-       Museum of the American Revolution offering virtual spring break experience
-       Unemployment claims in Pennsylvania, New Jersey skyrocketing amid coronavirus crisis
-       Rutgers launches COVID-19 saliva test that could rapidly screen thousands daily
-       Sixers’ Al Horford to donate $500,000 to COVID-19 relief

Also, researchers at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center have developed an experimental vaccine that could get fast-tracked through the FDA. Scientists, I’m flabbergasted by your intelligence. The smartest thing I did all day was wear a full face of makeup.

Masks are a big point of debate right now. Should we wear them? Should we not? Should they be mandated? Are they pointless? Well, I ordered a package of HEPA vacuum filters, and when they get here (on some unknown date), I plan on sewing masks for me, The Hubs, and Ryan. Until then, makeup.

Are we talking about the Amish yet? I haven’t seen a single headline about the motherfucking Amish. When this pandemic ends, either the Amish (and their buggies) will be completely wiped out, or they will take over the actual globe. United States of Amish. Hang on, lemme google this shit.

Yep, the Amish are fucked.

No, I mean, the last headline I found is from like 5 days ago. Apparently, a few weeks ago, the Amish believed Coronavirus was a political hoax. But then the Pennsylvania Office of Rural Health at Penn State University issued a warning to the Amish through a popular farming magazine. They are now (well, 5 days ago) telling each other to stay at home, although anecdotally, the Amish are pretty darn pissed at the “English” (Americans) for inflicting this infection upon the world. Rightfully so. Anyway.

Meanwhile in Pennsylvania, a man shot his girlfriend because he was “extremely upset” about losing his job to Coronavirus. Then he turned the gun on himself. He died. She is hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries. And by the way, domestic violence is on the rise, because of course it is.

Luckily for me (trust me, I totally know how fortunate I am), I have a husband who cares deeply for me and for our entire family. He works his ass off every day to give us a comfortable life. In these uncertain times, having The Hubs as my Quarantine Partner is enough to bring back my happy vibes.

I’m wishing happy vibes for all of you, dear friends. If you need some support, please email me. I’m astounded by the communications I’ve had with blog readers recently – both new readers and long-term readers. It’s humbling, and flattering, and so helpful for my psychology. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me!


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