Coronavirus Diary Day 23: April 4, 2020

Pink Had Coronavirus, Time is Ripe for Genius Criminals

Today is my brother, Dan’s 37th birthday. Happy Birthday, Dan! He spent the day fishing, on his boat, by himself. He caught between 30 – 40 striped bass. He wasn’t counting. Tonight, I used FaceTime to chat with him, his beautiful wife, Kait, and my super cute nephew, Carson. And that was very, very nice.

Singer Pink announced that she and her son tested positive for Coronavirus a few weeks ago, and their most recent tests came back negative, so they are good to go. I have a few thoughts about this. I follow Pink on Instagram, and she didn’t mention this before today? I dunno, maybe she did, but I didn’t catch it? My second thought is, again, I follow her on Instagram. She never seemed sick to me. I mean, I’m sure she could have had a slight fever at some point, maybe a little cough. But she certainly didn’t look like death warmed over. So, why was Pink afforded a COVID-19 test weeks ago, when my friend’s son wasn’t tested until this week, even though a whole bunch of his coworkers have been sick with Coronavirus for 3 weeks. Also, he’s a firefighter. Also… he’s positive.

Look, I’m not mad at Pink. If you could magically get a Coronavirus test because your seasonal allergies were bothering you, wouldn’t you? In the best case scenario, we could all have access to rapid tests whenever we want, yanno?

Anyway, the good news is, Pink also announced today that she’s donating $500,000 to the Temple University Hospital Emergency Fund and another $500,000 to the City of Los Angeles Mayor’s Emergency COVID-19 Crisis Fund. So, good on you, Pink. I always liked her. She’s a Philly girl, so bonus points.

The other good news is that crime is down. People are stuck inside, so houses aren’t getting robbed, and DUIs are a thing of the past. Domestic violence, not so much, and people are still shooting each other in Philly, but otherwise, yeah.

Smart criminals, though. This is their time to shine. Did I already mention that a Van Gogh painting was stolen from a museum in Amsterdam last week? Seriously, these guys were waiting years for this one opportunity. Coronavirus hit, lockdown happened, the museum closed up, they broke in and absconded the painting, and now it’s hanging in some Saudi prince’s bedroom.

We’ll see a lot more of this in the coming weeks, my friends, mark my words. Violent crime will stay low for a bit, while intelligent crime skyrockets. Then about 2 – 3 months from now (I predict July), the tides will turn. Violent crime will come back with a vengeance. I implore you to be prepared.

Anyways, it’s Saturday night. I sewed my best prototype face mask yet, and I plan to mass produce it tomorrow. Mass production equals 1 for each of my immediate family members and 1 for my Mom, Dad, and brother, Jim (who lives with them). So, 6 total.

Meh. 6 is a lot of masks to sew in 1 day. But I mean, I have the time.

I hope your weekend is glorious, friends. Stay positive, stay productive, and don’t forget to exercise.


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