Coronavirus Diary Day 22: April 3, 2020

Anxiety is… Crippling

I don’t suffer from regular anxiety. I’m lucky for that, and I realize this. Even in this time of Coronavirus, I feel I’ve maintained an acceptable level of emotional stability. I mean, other than that one two times.

But from the moment I woke up this morning, my chest has been tight. My breathing is short and lacks rhythm. I feel a sense of dread that I can’t explain. I seriously cannot identify what is making me feel so anxious that didn’t make me feel anxious any of the days before today. I dropped some CBD under my tongue a couple of hours ago, hoping that might calm me. It didn’t.

Today, I lack the energy I’ve felt in recent days. I took the dog for one short walk, and now I’m avoiding him, so he won’t ask me to take him for another one. On most days, I’ll happily walk him 5 – 6 times, and log at least 6 miles. Not today, Satan.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not sad or depressed, and I’m finding things to occupy my Friday. I’m teaching myself how to make face masks from YouTube videos. The first few turned out OK. I need to practice more, but I’ll get it. My Pennsylvania Governor announced today that everyone must start wearing face masks in public immediately. So, I gave myself a timely project.

I’ll ramp up my face mask production. I love nothing more than a good expansion. Also, if you’re from the area and you’re sewing masks, please check out Sew Face Masks Philly.

My First Attempt at a Face Mask was... not bad!

The Hubs and I were supposed to fly to Jamaica yesterday to celebrate our friend Suzanne’s 50th birthday. That didn’t happen. Maybe it’s the source of my anxiety. I should probably try meditation. I’ll look that up on YouTube, too, I guess. Anyway, it's the weekend. Make it great, friends!


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