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Coronavirus Diary Day 78: May 29, 2020

Over 100,000 Dead in America on Memorial Day, Violence in Minneapolis
I started keeping this Coronavirus record exactly 11 weeks ago, on Friday, March 13th. I was enjoying the last ski weekend at our vacation house in the Adirondacks with The Hubs, Ryan, and Ryan’s best friend since the 1st grade, Eric.
We have just celebrated Memorial Day Weekend with stay-at-home orders officially still in place. We went back at our vacation house in the Adirondacks, the 4 of us – The Hubs, Ryan, Eric, and me – for the first time since the weekend of March 13th. We visited The Hubs’ parents several times, in lawn chairs placed 6 feet apart. They are both nearing 90. They wanted to hug us and close-talk with us. They wanted to do the same with their other children and their grandchildren. They wondered why we were all so comfortable greeting each other warmly while they needed to stay apart from us. We felt their emotional discomfort like the edge of a cliff on our heels. It wasn’t nice, but. It was…

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