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Coronavirus Diary Day 133: July 23, 2020

Quarantine Version 2.0If you need to quarantine for a second time, it’s not because your Governor told you to. It’s because you’ve been exposed to Coronavirus.Quarantine 1.0 in our house consisted of family meals, work-from-home, and distance learning. Senior internships, prom, and graduation were cancelled. We followed stay-at-home orders and socially distanced ourselves from others. Outside, the roads were clear and the birds chirped. For several weeks, I had groceries delivered. I took the dog for countless walks, scrolled through TikTok, watched a ton of Netflix, and FaceTimed my friends.It was weird, yeah, and inconvenient. But also, special. It was a time for reconnection, exploring lost hobbies, and getting organized. The entire world was doing this together. We had become one with everyone. I prematurely grieved the eventual end of Quarantine, when The Hubs would return to the office, and Ryan would be off to school, and we’d all be rushing around the world, with only vague me…

Coronavirus Diary Day 127: July 17, 2020

Coronavirus is Knocking at the DoorLet’s address the elephant in my room. For the first 3 months of lockdown, my 18-year-old son was strictly quarantined. Which is well documented in this blog. Even after his friends’ parents slowly began releasing their children back into the wild, I was that one mom who said ummmm, no-goshdarn-way. Ryan, to his credit, was cool with that. I mean, he hated it, but he never argued with me.Flash forward to present day. I no longer keep Ryan under my thumb. He has proven himself to be a responsible, thoughtful human who appreciates social interactions. Also, his youth. Right now, keeping him away from his friends is much more detrimental than 100% protecting him from contracting COVID-19, a disease which would have very little impact on him, according to statistics.Unless his parents – or worse, his grandparents – would contract it from him. That would be extremely impactful, but I digress.Anyways, the elephant is this: At least a dozen of Ryan’s classm…

Coronavirus Diary Day 118: July 8, 2020

Coronavirus “Cases” Skyrocket, Kanye Runs for Prez, Au Revoir to Zoom Happy HoursThis week, I returned to Valley Forge National Historic Park for the first time since March. It was a long lockdown, and I really missed my daily hikes on Mount Misery. I also went to the gym. It took some will power, and an early morning motivational phone call with a workout buddy. I was afraid of Coronavirus, I guess, but I was mostly nervous about the unknown levels of social awkwardness. Will everyone wear masks? How does the check-in/check-out process work? What if I forget how to elliptical?Anyway, it was fine. I wore a mask. And let’s be honest, nobody at the gym sees my face. <insert peach emoji here>

In the meantime, Coronavirus cases are skyrocketing all over the gotdam place. And I mean, we’re testing absolutely everyone. You guys, there has never been another infectious disease on this planet where we tested people who had no real reason to be tested. Anyone who enters a hospital – wheth…