Coronavirus Diary Day 133: July 23, 2020

Quarantine Version 2.0


If you need to quarantine for a second time, it’s not because your Governor told you to. It’s because you’ve been exposed to Coronavirus.


Quarantine 1.0 in our house consisted of family meals, work-from-home, and distance learning. Senior internships, prom, and graduation were cancelled. We followed stay-at-home orders and socially distanced ourselves from others. Outside, the roads were clear and the birds chirped. For several weeks, I had groceries delivered. I took the dog for countless walks, scrolled through TikTok, watched a ton of Netflix, and FaceTimed my friends.


It was weird, yeah, and inconvenient. But also, special. It was a time for reconnection, exploring lost hobbies, and getting organized. The entire world was doing this together. We had become one with everyone. I prematurely grieved the eventual end of Quarantine, when The Hubs would return to the office, and Ryan would be off to school, and we’d all be rushing around the world, with only vague memories of that time we were stuck in the house together.


In mid-June, I lifted Lockdown Chez Moi. Things were looking up in the Northeast. I allowed Ryan to attend Senior Week in the OBX. (I also attended Senior Week in the OBX, lucky me.) More significantly, I allowed him to spend 4th of July weekend at the beach (Avalon), along with the entire #classof2020.


In the meantime, the virus took hold in other parts of the USA (and is still ravaging Texas, California, and Florida). Governors began walking back their reopening plans. Eventually – inevitably – Ryan’s friends started testing positive.


So, here we are. Quarantine 2.0.


We’ve become amateur contact tracers. Ryan isn’t exhibiting symptoms. The Hubs and I also aren’t experiencing symptoms. But, we’ve once again locked ourselves in the house.


Ryan stays in his room. I prepare his meals and snacks, and then I drop them off on top of the laundry machine. After I’ve retreated to the kitchen, he claims his nutritional items and texts me his appreciation. When he needs to pass through the house, he wears a mask, moves quickly, and completely ignores my Q&As.


“I told you to text me,” Ryan texts after he’s halfway down the street in his Jeep. Wait, where is he going?


Am I angry? No. Confused? Definitely not. Scared? Eh, a little.


In Pennsylvania, getting a COVID-19 test is a little more complicated than I anticipated. I mean, not really, but I had to schedule Ryan’s test several days in advance, and the results take 6 -10 days. So, we still don’t know if he’s sick or not. In New Jersey, you can get results within 12 hours. I’m confused about that.


Could I have Coronavirus? I feel OK. I walk, practice yoga, live for Nicole Steen’s 10-minute booty workout, and occasionally hike a mountain.


The thing about Quarantine 2.0, what makes it different from the first time is, I literally cannot. I want Ryan to visit his brother in Florida next week, and then I want him to ship off to college in August. I want to host my step-son and future step-daughter-in-law’s wedding in my backyard this September. I also want to enjoy our fully reserved vacation to Portugal/Spain/France in the Fall, as well as Suzanne’s 50th birthday celebration in Jamaica in October. But let’s be real. Those last 2 things aren’t happening. Also, prolly not the first 2 things, either.


I strolled around Longwood Gardens with one of my favorite girlfriends last week. She listened to my bullshit for a few hours. Then she asked me, “Have you created a Book of Everything?”


“No?” I replied.


“Because,” she said. “And I’m not implying anything, but, like, you’re almost 50 and you live with a teenager. Plus, you sometimes drink boxed wine.* What if you get sick?” She then explained that a Book of Everything is, of course, the road map to which loved ones refer, after you have passed.


You guys, I don’t have Coronavirus. I don’t have strep throat, the flu, the common cold, excessive flatulence, or an unplanned pregnancy. I broke my toe on Memorial Day, and I suffer from chronic heartburn. I exhibit histrionics from time to time. But, I’m otherwise healthy.


Now, Number 15 on my To-Do List is: Make a Book of Everything. I’ll let you know when I get to it. In the meantime, I’m back to work on a novel. Control your enthusiasm: We’ve been here before. But if you’re keeping a record, I’ve written nearly 7,000 words, which is like 5,000 words more than the last time we tried this. <le sigh>


So, numbers. Accept my apologies. I absolutely hate the numbers, but as I’ve said before, the main reason I’m doing this is to keep a historical record for myself. Unfortunately, that includes numbers. As usual, peace out here if you’re so inclined. Oh, I should mention *my friend didn’t actually say the part about boxed wine, but I know she was thinking it.


Worldwide Total (Cumulative) COVID-19 Cases: 15,641,083

Worldwide Current (Active) Cases: 5,476,023

Worldwide Total Deaths: 635,631


USA Total (Cumulative) Cases: 4,169,170

USA Total Deaths: 147,300


Brazil Total (Cumulative) Cases: 2,289,951

Brazil Total Deaths: 84,207


India Total (Cumulative) Cases: 1,288,130

India Total Deaths: 30,645


New York State Total (Cumulative) Cases: 437,529

New York State Total Deaths: 32,656


California Total (Cumulative) Cases: 432,345

California Total Deaths: 8,202


Florida Total (Cumulative) Cases: 389,868

Florida Total Deaths: 5,520


So, there you have it, whatever “it” is. Stay healthy, friends.


  1. There is no need to mention that we are almost 50 we know. You were Matheletes president and I was your friend. We are aware of the number.


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