Coronavirus Diary Day 193: September 21, 2020

 I Hate Numbers. But Also, Numbers. And Headlines.


200,000 people in the United States have died from Coronavirus. Included in that number are people who have died from complications of the Coronavirus. In a few cases, people have died from other causes (for example, a motorcycle accident in Florida, which was later corrected), where the deceased person tested positive for Coronavirus.


According to Worldometer, which seems to get its numbers way earlier than the CDC and the WHO (???), here is the current global breakdown:


Worldwide Confirmed Coronavirus Cases / Worldwide Deaths:

31,469,894 / 968,861


USA Cases / USA Deaths:

7,044,739 / 204,463


USA Tests Per 1M Population:



India Cases / India Deaths:

5,560,105 / 88,965


India Tests Per 1M Population:



Brazil Cases / Brazil Deaths:

4,560,083 / 137,350


Brazil Tests Per 1M Population:



Russia Cases / Russia Deaths:

1,109,595 / 19,489


Russia Tests Per 1M Population:



Colombia Cases / Colombia Deaths:

770,435 / 24,397


Colombia Tests Per 1M Population:



I will refrain from commenting with my unsolicited opinions. Just, look at those numbers and tell me they make sense. Like, do they really, actually make sense?


Here's another thing that doesn't make sense. My son’s roommate was quarantined in their dorm room for 14 days because he was “contact traced” to a student who tested positive. In the meantime, my son was not quarantined. He came and went as he pleased.


Social Distanced Taco Night with Jose Garcas

 Jose Garces taught me how to make 4 kinds of tacos (with accoutrements) in less than 2 hours - virtually, of course - and I succeeded. Does *that* make sense?


Here in the USA, we don’t hear enough about Europe. Our news outlets barely report on anything other than our own egocentric issues. But, as I’ve said many times before, Europe is experiencing many of the same things we’re experiencing here in America. We like to think we’re special. However…


Let’s peruse the major news outlets of France, Spain, Germany, Italy, and the U.K. (just a few examples). Here are yesterday’s headlines:


Hundreds Protest Against Unfair Madrid Lockdowns:

Residents in poorer areas call the measures discrimination as Spain tried to curb the rise of Covid-19.


Family of Black French Man Who Died in Police Custody Seeks Justice


Tens of Thousands Protest in Belarus Defying Police Crackdown


“We Have Space”: Thousands March in Germany Urging EU to Take In More Migrants


Crowds Flock to Notre Dame as France Holds Its Annual Weekend of Heritage Celebration


French Doctors Fight Proposed Government Ban on Virginity Certificates


Wait. What? (No, just breathe for a minute.)


Do you really believe the USA is the most fucked country in the world during these Coronavirus times? Because, you guys, the entire globe has lost its collective mind, my own country certainly included, but also, not leading the way.


(PS - When you have a minute, do a deep dive into the debacle of virginity certificates. I don't see why they shouldn't absolutely be issued to any young women who request them. Because, virginity only exists for the person signing the certificate. That person can be a French doctor who is choosing to protect these young women from whatever.)


We are living in strange times, my friends. And now, Election Day is upon us.

This week, Ruth Bader Ginsburg died, and Trump vowed to nominate a new Supreme Court Justice by Saturday. Americans are divided over the start of college football. Two Massachusetts parents and their teenaged child are facing criminal charges after hosting a party during Coronavirus social restrictions. The UN chief warned of a new cold war amid US-China tensions. The CDC is recommending that Americans forget Halloween this year. And here in Pennsylvania, a phone app launched that tracks Coronavirus exposure.

I won’t lie, I’m a little scared of everything right now. I’m doomsday prepping with extra food things, and sanitary things, and mascara things. Like, aren’t you?


The Tour de France Ended Yesterday, 2 Months Later than Scheduled

 This GOAT won the Tour de France yesterday, 2 months after the race was rescheduled amid Coronavirus concerns. He turned 22 the following morning, making him the youngest Post WWII winner.


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