Coronavirus Diary Day 223: October 21, 2020

Why Are Americans Not Talking About the Beheaded French Teacher?


Je suis Samuel. Look it up. I don’t want to be your informer. I lived in Paris during the Charlie Hebdo terror attacks, as well as le 13 Novembre. So, I’m paying attention. I’m sad American media is still covering the most ridiculous political antics, but not this.


Having said that, this blog is about Coronavirus, so let’s go there.


Global COVID-19 Cases / Deaths:

41,138,340 / 1,131,156


USA Cases / Deaths:

8,521,877 / 226,220


India Cases / Deaths:

7,651,107 / 115,950


Brazil Cases / Deaths:

5,274,817 / 154,888


Russia Cases / Deaths:

1,447,335 / 24,952


Spain Cases / Deaths:

1,029,668 / 34,210


Argentina Cases / Deaths:

1,018,999 / 27,100


Colombia Cases / Deaths:

974,139 / 29,272


France Cases / Deaths:

930,745 / 33,885


Peru Cases / Deaths:

870,876 / 33,820


Mexico Cases / Deaths:

854,926 / 86,338


UK Cases / Deaths:

762,542 / 43,967


Yes, those are the countries with the highest number of currently recorded COVID-19 cases. China’s numbers are wayyyyy down the list, but I find them interesting, so allow me to report them:


China Cases / Deaths:

85,715 / 4,634


By the way, China’s death rate went down by 4 since yesterday. So, good for them.




The Bachelorette is back on TV. I’ve been part of Bachelor Nation since its inception. I was in my 20s when I started watching, and I apparently can’t stop. This season’s filming took place entirely in one location – La Quinta Resort in Palm Springs, CA. Also in my 20s, I spent many a business trip at this exact resort. I shared a breakfast with Ed McMahon at La Quinta, a story for another time.


Enjoy these next 2 weeks, my friends. Election Day is upon us.




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