Coronavirus Diary Day 235: November 2, 2020

Quarantine Fatigue, and yeah… the election is tomorrow.


You guys, Europe has fully entered a second lockdown as their Coronavirus cases surge. Like, those poor bastards are once again locked up in their apartments until at least December 2nd. And I mean, why not December 1st?


In France, grocery stores remain open, but the non-essential aisles are yellow-taped and off-limits. So, buy your shampoo from Amazon, I guess, because they could certainly use more business. Also, no one wants to catch Coronavirus from the little kid spraying respiratory droplets while demanding that his mother purchase Haribo Oeufs au Plat along with tonight’s haricots verts.


Tomorrow is Election Day here in the USA. If you don’t think your life will turn completely upside down by midnight, you probably need to Google the term Normalcy Bias.


Speaking of Google, has anyone ever texted, called, or emailed you with a really stupid question about which they believe you possess above-average knowledge? For example, as it pertains to me having lived in Paris 4 years: “Can you recommend something fun to do in the afternoon along the Seine?”


Today, I learned of an app called “Let Me Google That.” I plan to use it every day for the rest of my life. I dare you to ask me, “Where is a romantic place to eat in the 5th Arrondissement?” I’ll respond with this:


Tensions are high. Sorry about that.


But actually, The Hubs, the dog, and I are bugging-out in the morning. We’ll spend the next %$? days in the Adirondack mountains, completely off the grid. Except for Instagram, because the dog is a serial poster ( If you come for our house in the Philly burbs, know this: We have 6 sons, and at least 1 of them is living there. Also, he’s the loose cannon.


Friends, I’m optimistic that we’ll get through these challenging times. I’m not just saying that. Humans are resilient. We’ve proven it over and over again. Stay safe, and stay healthy. The world is watching.



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