Coronavirus Diary Day 270: December 7, 2020

Numbers and Lockdowns

You know I hate this part, for so many reasons, but it’s a necessary evil, so let’s jump in. According to the Worldometer website, today:

Worldwide Cumulative Confirmed COVID-19 Cases / Deaths:

67,902,311 / 1,549,611

USA Cases / Deaths:

15,350,798 / 290,373

India Cases / Deaths:

9,703,908 / 140,994

Brazil Cases / Deaths:

6,628,065 / 177,388

Russia Cases / Deaths:

2,488,912 / 43,597

France Cases / Deaths:

2,295,908 / 55,521

Italy Cases / Deaths:

1,742,557 / 60,606

UK Cases / Deaths:

1,737,960 / 61,434

Here are some observations worth noting. Countries in order of the highest numbers of deaths per 1 million population are:

Belgium (1,492)

Peru (1,094)

Italy (1,003)

Spain (998)

UK (903)

Argentina (879)

USA (875)

France (850)

Australia has a population of over 25 million people and has only seen a cumulative total of 27,972 cases and 908 deaths. That is 35 deaths per 1 million population. Pretty impressive if you ask me.

Are the overall numbers accurate? Countries report COVID-19 cases and deaths based on different criteria and testing capabilities. We’re never comparing apples to apples. But, when you lump everything together, well. It’s still pretty bleak.

ICU beds are rapidly filling.

Until these fabled vaccines are released, we’re stuck in our bubbles, social distancing, mask wearing, zooming, binge watching, self-isolating sheep, subject to lockdowns, job losses, and quarantine fatigue. It’s a lot, you guys.

It’s been 270 days since I started journaling about Coronavirus.

There’s a bar in New York City making headlines for defying lockdown orders and encouraging public protests toward the latest round of regulations. Personally, I wouldn’t hang out inside a crowded bar – nor at a crowded protest – for any sum of money. That sounds like an undeniable cesspool of COVID-19. But, to each their own.

Look, I get it. People are losing their livelihoods. Government relief efforts are constantly locked up in debate. People and businesses aren’t getting the help they need. And the holidays are upon us.

My nurse friends will blow a gasket if I say humans are smart enough to make their own decisions regarding personal safety, boundaries, and risks. And, I know why it bothers them when people complain about lockdowns and blatantly disobey the rules. Front line workers are stretched, and they are looking down the barrel of a loaded gun.

On the other hand, a significant chunk of the spread is happening at private gatherings, inside homes or other intimate venues, where people are taking their chances to spend time with their loved ones, or knock back some cold ones with their buddies under the cloak of a suburban split-level. The way I see it, when we close restaurants (outdoor seating!), we’re driving people to their kitchen islands, indoors, curtains drawn, hiding from the authorities, completely unregulated. If ever there was a perfect storm of Coronavirus, it’s happening in Cousin Clara’s kitchen.

Fuck. Can we just get this damn thing over with already?


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