Spain in Winter

In January, The Hubs was between 2 jobs, so we took a quick trip to Spain. I could have done a better job of documenting it, but here goes nothing.

Day 1: An hour after I finished packing, we pulled the plug on this trip. My mother-in-law had begun the final few days of her life. We wanted to be there, and we’re so happy that we were. On Saturday, The Hubs rebooked our trip. I repacked my bag, and the next thing I knew, I was sitting on a plane bound for Madrid. From Madrid, we rented a car and drove 4+ hours south to the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Andalusia, Spain. It was a long day, more like 48 hours. We met up with friends, who came here from several different countries. We smiled and laughed and enjoyed the Spanish hospitality that we so love. The Hubs’s mom passed at 11:30 AM yesterday, which was 5:30 PM here. We took time to process it. She had an amazing life, a life like no other, and we are celebrating that life, in a way she would have loved.

Day 2: We walked around the small ski village of Pradollano, then ate tapas at a family-run bar. Meatballs, octopus, fried sausages, and beers. Dinner was better yet. We had an early reservation at 8 pm. Artichokes and fois gras with raw eggs prepared at the table. Halibut and steak tartare. We went to bed at 4 AM and woke at Noon. It rained like cats and dogs throughout the night. Ah, Spain. You’re my favorite.

Day 3: With all that rain, there hasn’t been much skiing. Regardless, our hotel threw a huge apres-ski party with entertainment and dancing. I had so much fun that I forgot to take any pictures. No wait, I did get a shot of this entire octopus that I ate. The rain finally stopped and turned to snow late last night. We woke to a winter wonderland.

Days 4 and 5: I won’t report about Wednesday because I forgot to take pictures, and basically I ate and drank all day and night. Today, we skied. I complained constantly. My rented boots were heavy. The gondola was scary at 9,000 feet. The ski school kids kept getting in my way, and they didn’t understand my English when I told them to fucking MOVE you little brats. But the truth is, I loved it. Just don’t tell The Hubs.

Stay tuned, my friends. I'm fixing to spend a week in South Korea, and I expect some epic tales. I hope you are all well and healthy!


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