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Coronavirus Diary Day 167: August 26, 2020

What I Did for Summer Vacation, et La RentrĂ©e Last Thursday, I drove Ryan to West Virginia University and dropped him off at college. It was a surprisingly easy experience. I’m not the type of parent to decorate my kid’s dorm room or require a dinner date on move-in day. Basically, I carried his shit up 4 flights of stairs, made his bed, and said, “Remember this, boy. You need straight A’s this semester to get into the full nursing program here. If that doesn’t happen, you’re transferring to Marymount.”   Then I hightailed it out of Morgantown.   To be honest, Ryan wouldn’t need to transfer to Marymount. He could attend Roxborough Memorial Hospital School of Nursing next year, and that wouldn’t be a bad thing. I’m not telling him that, of course. Not yet, anyway.   Last night (the day before classes started), WVU moved all of Ryan’s classes online, with some in-person components. The confusion that ensued with these last-minute changes was insane. I have been on the phone for literall

Coronavirus Diary Day 144: August 3, 2020

OMG It's August, But Actually, Let’s Talk About Europe   My fellow Americans, can we read some European newspapers before we smash those Like buttons whenever our long-lost high school friends call Americans stupid for not acting more like Europeans? I’m sorry, how exactly do Europeans act?   The stupidest thing Americans have done in the age of Coronavirus is lambast ourselves for being the most ignorant nation in the world. We post all over our social media accounts about how our fellow citizens refuse to wear masks. We complain that our leaders didn’t take swift enough or strict enough measures to lock down the country. We browbeat parents who want to send their kids back to school. And all the while, we compare ourselves to Europeans, who – we lament – have been so much more effective than we have at curbing Coronavirus.   And while these Americans critique each other for our irresponsible behaviors, we laud Europeans for obeying the rules, staying home, wearing masks, and resp