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Coronavirus Diary Day 193: September 21, 2020

 I Hate Numbers. But Also, Numbers. And Headlines.   200,000 people in the United States have died from Coronavirus. Included in that number are people who have died from complications of the Coronavirus. In a few cases, people have died from other causes (for example, a motorcycle accident in Florida, which was later corrected), where the deceased person tested positive for Coronavirus.   According to Worldometer, which seems to get its numbers way earlier than the CDC and the WHO (???), here is the current global breakdown:   Worldwide Confirmed Coronavirus Cases / Worldwide Deaths: 31,469,894 / 968,861   USA Cases / USA Deaths: 7,044,739 / 204,463   USA Tests Per 1M Population: 298,339   India Cases / India Deaths: 5,560,105 / 88,965   India Tests Per 1M Population: 46,558   Brazil Cases / Brazil Deaths: 4,560,083 / 137,350   Brazil Tests Per 1M Population: 70,508   Russia Cases / Russia Deaths: 1,109,595 / 19,489   Russi

Coronavirus Diary Day 175: September 3, 2020

  College Campus “Outbreaks”   Colleges that allowed students back to campus, whether for in-person, virtual, or hybrid classes, are seeing spikes in the number of positive Coronavirus cases amongst the student body. This is leading to a few things: massive quarantines similar to solitary confinement, doxing and snitching amongst student bodies, unconscionable press where young adults are lambasted and berated for their young adult behavior, and perhaps worst of all, kids being sent home to infect their parents with COVID-19. If you don’t know where I stand on all of this, let me be more clear.   When colleges opened their campuses, they did so after many months of preparation and with full knowledge of the consequences. Likewise, parents who sent their children to these colleges also did so after many months of preparation and with full knowledge of the consequences. Then suddenly, after a week of school, everyone went berserk and lost their fucking minds.   But, why?   My son is a fr