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Coronavirus Diary Day 250: November 17, 2020

Philly Lock Down 2.0   On Monday, Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney and Health Commissioner Dr. Thomas Farley announced a second lockdown for the city. The refreshed quarantine will begin this Friday and last through New Year’s Day. Some restrictions include:   *No indoor gatherings of any size are allowed, in any location, including: parties, group meals, sports watching, visiting between households, weddings, funerals, and baby showers.   *Outdoor gathering are restricted to 10% occupancy or 10 people, with no food or beverage and mandatory mask wearing at all times.   *Indoor dining at restaurants must end, and outdoor dining is restricted to 4 seats per table, with all 4 persons from the same household.   *Retail stores can operate at reduced density with mandatory mask wearing.   *Museums, theaters, gyms, libraries, bowling alleys, casinos, senior day services, and youth sports must cease operations.   *Religious services can operate with 5% occupancy.  

Coronavirus Diary Day 242: November 9, 2020

America Elects a New President, Pfizer Announces Vaccine   U.S. drug company Pfizer announced this morning that their COVID-19 vaccine candidate has proven 90% effective in 40,000 test participants. This captured headlines around the world and sent the stock market into outer space. I guess it’s good news, because it certainly sounds like good news.   In the meantime, there have been 51,062,625 confirmed, global Coronavirus cases and 1,266,185 deaths. More and more countries are entering second lockdowns, and some cities here in America are proposing the same. So, yeah.   Ahhh, remember the lockdown? I have such nostalgia for baking experiments, binge watching, Zoom happy hours, mask sewing, home schooling, delivering groceries, meal preps, family dinners, dog walks, YouTube workouts, Tiger King, sanitizing stations, TikTok dances, and Instagram Live. There was a time – briefly – when freedom was looming on the horizon and I thought, “I’m going to miss th

Coronavirus Diary Day 235: November 2, 2020

Quarantine Fatigue, and yeah… the election is tomorrow.   You guys, Europe has fully entered a second lockdown as their Coronavirus cases surge. Like, those poor bastards are once again locked up in their apartments until at least December 2 nd . And I mean, why not December 1 st ?   In France, grocery stores remain open, but the non-essential aisles are yellow-taped and off-limits. So, buy your shampoo from Amazon, I guess, because they could certainly use more business. Also, no one wants to catch Coronavirus from the little kid spraying respiratory droplets while demanding that his mother purchase Haribo Oeufs au Plat along with tonight’s haricots verts.   Tomorrow is Election Day here in the USA. If you don’t think your life will turn completely upside down by midnight, you probably need to Google the term Normalcy Bias .   Speaking of Google, has anyone ever texted, called, or emailed you with a really stupid question about which they believe you possess above-av